14 March 2014

New treats

I've got a new collection of pretty new things, most of these are actually presents. My sister sent me my christmas present! She wasn't home for christmas, for the first time ever, as she was in Australia (now she's travelling! Lucky girl). She gave me a lovely smelly candle, a little leather pot thing, an owl print. My absolute favourite is the infinity bracelet she gave me, it's so delicate and pretty. It's very tiny, and when I saw it I thought 'That's not going to fit on my wrist! It's tiny and looks like a kids' bracelet'. Turns out that it does fit and I have the wrists of a small child, just as well, they'll go with my child sized feet.

The last one is a gorgeous ring I bought myself as a treat (something I'm doing a little too much of recently), from the Etsy shop 'Kiss the Future' (Gold Amethyst Ring).

I'm going to be a bit tougher with myself though as I've been buying too many treats at the moment, my friend told she'll be my spending sponsor if I'll be her sponsor (which I forgot about when I texted her a picture of my new watch yesterday! opps! I did need it for work!).

25 February 2014

What I'm reading this month: 'What a carve up!'

My book a month challenge started with Game of Thrones, which I'm still reading, but I'm reading other books at the same time. Which I don't normally like to do, I like to finish one book and then move onto the next but Game of Thrones is huge and I want to read so many books. So a little bit every so often for GoT.

This month I've been reading 'What a carve up!' by Jonathan Coe. I actually didn't choose to read this myself, I needed to read this for a brief I was set at Uni, but I'm so glad that I did.

At first I found it a little difficult to get into, there are so many characters as well as jumping different perspectives and time eras but you get used to it soon enough. Once I got used to the characters, and started to remember everyone and what they were like, it was a really good read. I'd definitely recommend it, if you're into dark comedies/satirical/slightly political books with twists.

Now I just need to get my head around the project I have to do related to this book...

10 January 2014

Twenty Fourteen

Its been said so many times and by so many people, but I still can't believe how quickly time is flying by. Feel like I can't keep up with and get everything done. Saying that I'm so excited about 2014, brand new year and a new start. Time to make some more new years resolutions (or really renew some old ones, one day I'll get them all).

For a while I used to have a new years tradition where I would write myself a letter of everything I wanted to do in that year, seal it and then open it in a years time to see what I'd achieved. It's actually a really nice way of doing it, and really nice reading it a year later.

Last year I broke from this tradition and didn't write one, which has made me miss it a little now. So I think I'll start it up again. One thing I wanted to do in 2013 was read more, at least one book a month. Doesn't sound that demanding, but I found it hard to do to make time to read. Last year I counted that I had 60 brand new books that I had never even read yet, but I have a feeling that I have a bit more than that now (I have a bad habit of buying books but then not getting around to reading them).

I definitely achieved that in 2013, sometimes I read a few a month (traveling on trains comes in handy!). So pleased that I managed that, now this years book related resolution is to make my way through the books I've got. Think I might do a post each month on the book I'm currently reading from my collection, sort of a book club but for a party of one but you're welcome to read the same book with me if you like! :)

P.s. I love my new diary, such a pretty colour!

21 August 2013

New pens + my MA

 In september I'll be going into the second year of working towards my MA in Illustration. I'm so excited, nervous, scared and for some reason in a constant state of hunger. I can't wait but at the same time I know it's going to be hard, the last year was so much work and difficult. This year will be worse and so much harder...but I know it will be so worth it. I've mapped out in my head all the things I want to do whilst studying, like all the new illustrations I want to make and add to my shop (actually have a few of these in works at the moment). How I'm going to plan and organise how I'll fit working around full time study. I don't want to write this down because I'll just forget it all as soon as it's down on paper, and also I'm too afraid to see it written down.

So I've been drawing a lot to calm myself down a little, I've been making myself draw people (one thing I don't like drawing) and then treating myself to drawing buildings (my favourite thing to draw). Also treated myself to new pens too but that's nothing new...they're very good though!

Trying to draw people while they're out and about, moving past places and just doing things is really hard. I've been practicing and trying to get better at it. The more I go out and sit somewhere, then draw people going past something the easier it gets. It can be awkward though at the same time, when someone notices you drawing them. Most of the time I see them suddenly try to run away, hunch over or turn away. I feel silly then but my drawings will never look like them, it's just an outline and an action. They could look at what I'd drawn of them and they wouldn't even know it's them.

One thing I'm really excited about at the moment is that I'm creating greetings cards. I've got a couple of drawings that I've done, now just need to tidy up and finish on my computer. Can't wait to see how they'll look printed out.
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