27 April 2010

Pretty necklaces

Today the time just flew by so quickly, ah it feels like I don't have enough time.
When I was little I use to wish that I could freeze time, not fly like other kids but my real reason for freezing time was so that I could cheat on tests and do well for once. Haha. Maybe that's why I'm obsessed with clocks, time and pocket watches. Definitely love pocket watch necklaces.

Loving is Pocket Watch Necklace Golden

I'm lusting for some new necklaces at the moment, I have a few long chain necklaces with charms but I want some chunky necklaces for the summer.

je voudrais - romance in paris eiffel tower necklace.

Almost anything Eiffel Tower like or Parisian will make me smile.


Love this last one, it's from Topshop. It's so pretty and chunky.


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