22 June 2010



Last week I got annoyed with myself, and being myself I couldn't leave me alone. I usually bake when I'm upset or want something sugary, it fixes both. Afterwards I liked me again.

Plate full of cookies
Out the oven

I have to confess that it was a big batch of cookies, 32, and none exist now. Yes I ate basically all of them! Not good at all! At the same time I am a little proud about it. Haha.

I used the chocolate chip and cashew recipe (without the cashews), from Joy the baker's blog. It's really easy, and cookie dough tastes amazing!

Cutting chocolate chips
Cookie dough


  1. your blog is so amazing.

  2. Thank you, I think I need to do more baking soon. I haven't made anything since these cookies. I was thinking maybe brownies today. Yum.


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