19 July 2010

Frilly knickers are the future

Gorgeous frilly knickers...who doesn't want a few of these. I definitely do want some and have some, but I want more. For a while I've wanted to make my own, but haven't found any help on how to go about it. Lucky me though, I came across this video from Threadbanger by Clare Bare.

To make the pattern just take apart one frilly knicker, I know it's not nice to part with any pretty ones. Go for the worst, I did. Trace around them for your template. I have yet to make some frilly knickers but I will definitely give it a go. So here is the video:


  1. my boyfriend hates these kind of underwear but i love love love them!

  2. these are absolutely gorgeous. so gorgeous I can't believe they're home-made. Thanks for the video tip, I'm going to be making some for myself!

  3. Bee, your boyfriend probably likes undies that leave nothing to the imagination, amiright? :) What I love about these is how much they leave yet to be discovered.


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