8 July 2010

Show me your studio

{SOURCE} - wish this was mine!

The great thing about the internet, that I love, is we get to be harmlessly and openly nosy, we can read someone's tweets or view photo libraries. It doesn't seem, or feel, wrong to do a little virtual curtain twitching. I can easily get lost for hours wading through lots of different blogs and flickr photostreams, I mainly search for craft related things. I enjoy it because I feel a connection to it and I like to see other peoples passions.

{SOURCE} - and that this was mine!

I especially love viewing images of craft studios. I have fantastical impression in my mind that most crafters have an amazing and creative studio space to work in. It's great when I find images that prove that I'm right.


Also though, another part of me lusts after these amazingly creative studio spaces because I wish mine was that way. Sadly my studio space doesn't fit into the amazing category, so you won't find mine here. I have to admit that while I have some cool posters on my walls, this is all marred by the hideous carpet + curtains + door. Well the curtains would be easy to resolve but I sort of don't want to make new curtains because I don't really like curtains. Silly, I know. Maybe I will be converted soon.



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