17 August 2010

Inside: The Darjeeling Limited

Darjeeling - teacup
A new and different post today, which might become a common feature, called 'Inside'. Really it means; Inside a movie. The film I chose for today is 'The Darjeeling Limited', a great film.

I'm hoping that by doing these posts it will have a double effect for me.
One, I'll watch more 'great' and 'classic' films (I'll have to shame myself and admit that I've never seen 'Resvoir Dogs' or 'Pulp Fiction', next on my invisible list of films to see -- Update: I have now).
Two, that I'll start taking a lot more photos and then end up with ones that I can relate to films I've seen.

So with this new feature, I find different images that remind me of a specific film or that I think would fit in well in the location/theme.

In last picture I've got lots of, my version of, crocheted flowers. I tried to arrange them to look like a bouquet of flowers but it looks more like a tree. I like it though, I think it would look good on a cushion.

Here are images I've taken and remind me of 'The Darjeeling Limited'.

Darjeeling - train2
Darjeeling - luggage
Darjeeling - orange flower tree

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  1. i love this feature. your blog is too cute! xo chelsea


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