22 September 2010

Other: Mad ("men") photoshoot


I love the TV series Mad Men, I took my time to start watching it (actually this summer). What's great about getting into a series like Mad Men late (and True Blood but that's another story) is that you can get the whole boxset and not get annoyed that you have to wait for the next episode. Well until you get to the last season. 


One of Mad Men's greatest qualities is the costumes, I love the fashion. All the gorgeous dresses, make up and hair. Especially Christina Hendricks' outfits.

vintage photoshoot 2

When it came to take photos of all our vintage clothes (that I need to photograph and put online), the Mad Men style just came out naturally. The lovely model is my sister, I asked (forced) her to model some clothes for me. We actually only managed to take a few photos, we lost daylight quickly because I took too long to do her hair and make up. Oh dear, at least it was a lot of fun. I truly realised how much she actually likes to pose and pout, should have really known this. So I'll ask (make) her model again this weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to get through all our vintage clothes. 

vintage photoshoot 1
fox pullover

Speaking of photos, we've added our recently photographed clothing with the new fox print to our store (in v-neck tees and pullovers), also the love you print too (in v-neck tees). To the online store as well as the Etsy store. I've been so excited about this new print, and I love it. Hope you do too.

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