9 November 2010

What's english?

Or british. I really noticed how patriotic I am and love being english when I visit my family in America. Americans love english accents and I love the look of joy on their faces when I start speaking. Sometimes I try to be more british! Which involves trying to speak in a stronger accent and throwing in slang words. A bit silly really, and my cousin just makes fun of me or sometimes translates what I say.
I have heard some weird stuff from Americans though, and these are the only ones I can still remember: 'You're British! Do you drink tea with the Queen?', 'My back yard is the size of England!' (hmmm), 'Oh you're from London! Do you know [insert name]?' (Yes. I know everyone in England, we're that small), 'I've been to England!' (I'm glad), 'Do you want tea?' (I asked for water). Haha.
I tried to find some images that seem english to me, from WeHeartIt as usual (I love that site). The first is of the back of Liberty, on Carnaby Street, wallpapered in gorgeous Liberty print and there is bunting! I love bunting, I wish people still decorated their streets with bunting reaching from house to house. Not that I've ever seen this done, I've only seen this in old photos.

When we still had the 'hop on hop off' buses I didn't like them, but I miss them now they're gone. You still see them around sometimes when they need extra buses. I didn't like them before when I was younger because you could get on and off anywhere. This meant that if we missed a bus then my sister would make me chase it down the road and jump on while it was moving.

Ah tea and teacups, bliss. I don't normally drink tea in a teacup, only sometimes. Tea is amazing, it can probably fix almost anything.

So many of these little red Post Boxes are hidden away and tucked into random places in the countryside. They're so cute.

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