7 January 2011

Hot chocolate on a stick

via on Pinterest

I ended 2010 and have now started 2011 with a massive obsession for hot chocolate. Especially with whipped cream on top. Not the best obsession for the post christmas binge, a lust for running around or maybe star jumps would probably be better. Unfortunately there will be no healthy obsessions for me. So I'm going to drag you down with me, I found a lovely hot chocolate on a stick recipe online. I haven't made it yet as I've only just found it but I'm hoping it will be similar to one my sister got me christmas.

{How to make hot chocolate on a stick recipe}


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  2. A big hello from Finland ! U have a very nice blog Roxy. I love all those pics.

    If u r interested my blog we could follow each other? what do u think?



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