23 June 2011

Backyard market (4th + 5th June)

Backyard market

This post has been a long time coming, as the market was on the 4th and 5th of June. I did take a few photos of both days but they really didn't turn out like I wanted them to. I rushed to take them, as I was still in a panic over everything, and I didn't take very good ones. I'm so glad a that a few came out alright.

Both the days went well and it was a lot of fun, not sure my feet agreed though. The first day was really sunny and the second was heavy rain, but we were inside. I loved meeting other stall holders and they were so lovely, and meeting lots of people from all over the world (it made me wish I could speak loads of different languages and go visit different countries). Here are just a couple of pictures of our table and I also might do Backyard Market again in a few weeks.

Backyard market
Backyard market

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