18 January 2012

To the mountains

Colorado Mountains Colorado Mountains Colorado Mountains Colorado Mountains Colorado Mountains Colorado Mountains Colorado Mountains Colorado Mountains

This post has really been a long time coming, I've been meaning to write this post for a while but I honestly just kept putting it off. This was for many reasons; the main one was that I was spending most of my time on Charlie & the Fox, then I hadn't edited my photos from America and I had also grown tired of my blog design. Now this year will be a big fresh start for my blog, I've new ideas for posts that I will start to organise in a folder and I also have a new blog design coming along nicely that I'm very excited about.

Now back in November I spent two weeks over in America visiting my family in Colorado. It was such a lovely holiday, it was great spending time with my family and I had my first ever Thanksgiving. Which I don't know why some people were surprised, including my family, that we don't celebrate that holiday here in England. I ate pecan pie for the first time, lovely, as well as pumpkin pie, which I didn't like so much as, surprise surprise, it tasted very pumpkin like.
I really loved being so near mountains, I am obsessed with mountains, and I got a little snowboarding in my holiday too.

Something I love about being English in America is that Americans LOVE the accent. I kept getting comments like; 'Oh my god! You're British!'. Makes me smile. My little cousins were trying out their english accent impressions on me too, which they learnt from watching Harry Potter, and I tried out an American accent, it was really bad. To which my youngest cousin said, 'Which one is your real accent?'. So cute!

Anyway, we're now in 2012. Very excited about this year, I have a lot ideas and plans. I've already made a good start this year and am also making a good effort to stay organised, Evernote is saving me there as it is amazing and I've already gone over my monthly quota. I've also recently started a Tumblr blog, I really like Tumblr now. So I am hoping to do a lot with Charlie & the Fox this year and also visit more mountains.

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