19 March 2012

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I recently took out a lot of magazine subscriptions, they're mostly all online and I possibly got carried away. Trying to get through each issue before the next one comes out has started to feel like countdown, and I'm not winning. 

It all started with 'Frankie Magazine'. I have never read it until this year, although I had heard of it, finally I decided to get a subscription and I would have preferred a physical copy but ironically I didn't want to wait for each issue to arrive in the post from Australia. To say I was not disappointed would be an understatement. I love the way it's written and found it really inspiring, it made me feel at home immediately. I wanted to write.

One of my favourite articles, from the January issue, was about switching off from social media for 30 days, written by Sam Burnett and called...well '30 days'. It's a fitting name and it drew me in, although I was reading cover to cover anyway.
My favourite parts were day 10 and 11: "Day 10: Argument with girlfriend. I'm not allowed to complain about it online, so I start talking to the bedroom cabinets about how unreasonable she can be. They are unreceptive to the situation. Bedroom furniture always take the girl's side.", "Day 11: Girlfriend is speaking to me, but only in short, extremely brief sentences. I like that she's maintaining a strict character limit when talking to me. It's like being back on twitter again!". Brilliant!

For me the thought of going offline for 30 days immediately fills me with horror. 
Four years ago I went on holiday to my aunt's in America, at that time she had no internet or a computer really. I spent two weeks without any form of internet and it was hard, now I'm sure I'd find it horrible. No email checking or tweeting, how would I survive?! Now there's no chance of my aunt being without her computer or the internet, unfortunately she has me to thank for that as does my other aunt. I lured them into the wonderful internet with skype and now they're hooked. 

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