1 July 2013

Google reader disappears today

Cat make up bag - Small

I know that I'm not the best blogger, in fact I'm very bad at making time to blog.
This isn't something that I'm happy about, it's something I'm trying to work on. So I did panic a little when I realised that google reader is disappearing today, I do love blogging and I want to blog a lot more (a lot more). So this is something I will work on, and plan posts.

So if you would like to stick with me and my blog then please move over from google reader to Bloglovin' or subscribe the RSS feed through email.

There's a Bloglovin' link by picture in the side bar, and importing the blogs you follow from google reader to Bloglovin' is really easy. When you sign in or register there is a drop down from a little heart and in there it has an 'import from google reader' option. That's it, it does the rest.

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